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Divine Feminine – A Burlesque Show Celebrating International Women’s Day

9th March
Ticket Link
Nineteen ten
Adelaide's Burlesque and Jazz Club

the Divine Feminine within all of us. “Divine Feminine” pays homage to all of the fierce femmes that have paved the way, and continue to break down barriers, for us to be able to shake our tassels for you.

Lylah Bloom and the Artists of “Divine Feminine” invite you to experience this enchanting, seductive, empowering Burlesque Show Celebrating International Women’s Day.

Take the opportunity to bring together the inspiring, encouraging, influential people in your life, and join us for an early evening of nibbles, drinks and a show by the gorgeous Nineteen Ten Rooftop Pool, as the sun goes down over the city.

Why not get a Show and Divine Platter ticket to enjoy during this immersive 2 hours show. Platters are single serve size and include a variety of locally sourced, sweet and savoury treats.

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