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GRIT: The Show

Project Type:
Creative Direction, Hosting, Singing, Burlesque
Performance History:
Gluttony/Adelaide Fringe (March 2023), Nineteen Ten (July 2023)

We welcome all to revel in the raw authenticity of GRIT.
Saturate yourself in circus, dance, burlesque and unleash your inner rebellion.
In this striking new production teeming with Adelaide and Melbourne’s fiercest award-winning performers, feast on an evening of smashed convention as we get loud and showcase the feminine and masculine sides of being a woman.
We are women. Our stories and experiences range vastly from one another, yet one thing unites us; we will not let the voice of society overpower us and dictate our existence.
We are here to celebrate s*x positivity, sexuality and political drive. Drench your senses in glam and grunge, rhinestones and latex, with a healthy dose of punk attitude.
Be pulled into a theatrical frenzy of daring acrobatics, rebellious characters and commanding dance that oozes intrigue, paired with hard-hitting sounds to elevate and entertain.
Savour yourself as we mix pleasure and pain, grit and grace, and explore the grunt of unapologetic women.

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