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The Queens Theatre: The Burlesque Jazz Club

Project type
Burlesque and Jazz show
18 August
The Queens Theatre | Adelaide

In an electrifying first, The Queens Theatre presents an evening of unparalleled sophistication and seduction - a mesmerising fusion of Burlesque and live jazz for Friday Night Live in The Lounge.

The stage will come alive with the sizzling chemistry between the enchanting Burlesque dancers - Jamie Alexandra, Roxie and Lylah Bloom - and the sultry melodies of the 6ft Pelicans Jazz Band. Witness a tantalising interplay of movement and music as these consummate artists create an atmosphere of undeniable allure.

The 6ft Pelicans will take you on a musical journey through the realms of jazz, culminating in a punk-infused finale.

Secure your tickets now for this unprecedented rendezvous at the Queens Lounge, where sophistication and seduction entwine in a symphony of desire.

18 August | Doors open at 6pm | Live music starts at 7:30pm | Sunny's Pizza | bTable reservations available via ticket link

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